Monday, November 24, 2008

So much to do and laziness ensues

It is officially Thanksgiving break. The spa was lovely and the weekend was oh so lazy. Today is Monday and I am trying t kick it off with some productive work, but I really do not want to study. I would rather sleep. I have been able to sleep like a teenager again, for 10+ hours. It took everything I had to get up around 8:15 this morning and get cracking on some pharmacology index cards. And the whole time I thought, "I'd rather be in the bed."

Not sure how to get my motivation back, but the less I get done over break the worse finals will be. There are so many other tasks I'd rather do, such as holiday cards and looking for lab animal medicine externships. While those tasks can all wait until winter break, I mus find my mojo and gte back to the 2.5 week task at hand.

At least I still have a week to get cracking!

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