Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So close yet so far

I feel as if this has been a previous blog title, but pish posh. 2 more days of class remain and 6 final exams stand between me and my tv! The semester has flown by, yet somehow I think these next 2 weeks could be laboriously slow and painful. I am slogging through to get to the end of half a year! I know it will feel amazing when its over, assuming I can advance onto next semester.

Overall life is fine. My brain and body are tired, but all my classmates feel the same way, and as I have mentioned before, there is solace in solidarity.

Some good news is that I was accepted into a RAVS trip this summer and will be going to Washington State to perform surgery in rural America. That is a slight exaggeration, but it should be an amazing experience. For more info check out

I am also investigating sumer lab animal programs at NIH and Cornell. I also got a regional leader position in the national VBMA. So, exciting things are in the works. I just have to make it less than 2 weeks and then I can rejuvenate and relax. Until then, it's time to study hard and finish strong (or just squeak by), while mantaining some sort of balance. No more 10.5 hour-straight library days for me this time. I am incorporating gym time at a minimum and possibly packing time for study breaks.

Wish me luck and good luck to all other vet students out there. Hang in there and it will be over soon. You may even be more knowledgeable in the end.

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