Friday, March 13, 2009

The Semester is Flying!

With 1 week and 3 exams until spring break, I can taste it! Spring also arrived, and then left.

Anyway, it's the Friday after a 3 exam week and I survived. While I do not have confirmation, I believe I passed. Next week is another 3 exam week, starting out rough with Virology on Monday. Monday exams make for excellent weekends!

On a slightly different note, my summer is shaping up to be very busy. Perhaps too busy. My summer job decisions came down to 3 amazing choices: Pathology externship at John's Hopkins University, Research at the NIH National Cancer Institute in lab animal medicine, and a very lucrative lab animal internship at Merck in NJ. After deliberation, due to location and connections I have chosen to work at NIH this summer. The 4th year externship door is open at JHU, and hopefully I can keep the door open at Merck as well. In addition, I have the RAVS trip to Washington State, possibly working a weekend shift at The HOPE Center Emergency clinic, and I was recently awarded the Veterinary Pet Insurance Externship/vacation to Orange County, CA. If somehow I manage to do all of these things, it will be quite the resume and experience-building summer.

I am a little overwhelmed, but hopefully over spring break I can start planning out how all of these jobs will come together. I also have to (boo) study for 2 exams when I get back and attend the SAVMA symposium at Ohio State.

I will be one happy and tired vet student next Friday. But as a good friend always told Friday never comes, and with a summer like this he is most likely correct!

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