Sunday, March 1, 2009

The tough get going

It's been a little while, in fact it's now March, and I apologize. Clearly, the lack of blog entries is symbolic of the increasing amount of exams as the semester progresses. So far so good, but so much further to fact 3 weeks until spring break. 3 very intense weeks of 2-3 exams each week. And spring break, what spring break? We return to 2 exams the first week back! I am going to the SAVMA symposium at Ohio State, though, for a memorable experience.

This weekend the snow ruined my fun and sent my husband leaving a day early for fear he may not return to work for days otherwise. It was the first time in a while the distance has really hurt me. I am trying to work through it as best I can, to study for the looming toxicology and general medicine exams. It is snowing like a beast out there. I am very sick of winter and now have another reason to hate snow!

Thankfully, we had a good, albeit short, weekend. Friday night I made dinner (after deciding not to go to the VA VMA conference in Roanoke and forfeiting the well-worth it $25) and we watched an excellent episode of Lost. Saturday we both did work together, Matt went to the VT v. Duke basketball game, and then we saw a terrific play, The Thistle at Pope Creek.

While I tried to get a lot of work done, as usual somewhere I fell short and now it will be cram, cram, cram until spring break (which will be catch up, catch up, catch up).

Okay on with the herbicide toxicoses!

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