Saturday, May 2, 2009

It seems impossible all over again

After an intense 7 hours of toxicology almost straight in the library, I thought I was making head way. I decided to head to the gym for a mental break. While on the elliptical I wanted my break to continue, but I diligently opened my folder of study sheets. I remembered almost nothing that I studied all day. Panic started to set in. I kept telling myself, I needed the break and being at the gym was a good idea, but I felt guilty and helpless, so I closed the folder and continued the break.

I remind myself that I have felt this way many times before. I have been proactive about studying this material. I am doing the best I can, and hopefully it will work out. By "work out" I mean I do not have to study for these horrible exams again next year. Fingers crossed. Time to eat dinner and hit the lab.

Oh how finals are horrible! 11.5 more days of torture remain.

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Simmons said...

Hang in there - it will be SO worth it when you're done! [I think you can...I think you can... :-)]