Monday, July 20, 2009

Murphy's Law and Summer of Learning

After a semi-relaxing weekend and some quality time with Matt, Monday started off with Murphy's law in full effect. What was supposed to be the last day of my experiment and arising at 5:00 am turned into a disaster. After 4 of the 9 mice were completed, the power in our procedure room went off and we could not complete the surgeries with enough time for me to start the 1 hour post-op observation. So 4 mice wasted and another day of arising before the sun, and I am tired today. On top of that, we were already under the gun time-wise for my poster, and now it's even more exacerbated unless I use 4 instead of 5 data sets. Ugh.

With 4 days left until I take off for Spokane and RAVS I am excited. I have been practicing for my surgery practical and feel ready. I really hope I get to perform some spays and neuters this week, but I am sure it will be a great experience even if I do not.

This Saturday at the emergency clinic was one of my favorites. I placed a urinary catheter in a dog successfully on the first try, placed 4 IV catheters, and completed my first blood transfusion. It was very rewarding and really solidified for me that my heart lies in small animal medicine, at least in the near term. For reasons to be elaborated on later, I no longer feel a calling to laboratory animal medicine, but I am glad I got the chance to explore both simultaneously this summer.

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