Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Middle Ground Found

After true burnout of myself and the other lab vet I am working with, we both pushed back to our manager and he responded. Things are much better. The study is now manageable for the time frame we have. I was able to attend an influenza vaccine talk today during lunch. I will be spending more time with the primates on an enrichment level, reading more articles, and getting a better feel for lab medicine and not just the summer project.

After the OBX and the long 4th weekend (we camped again this time at lake Anna with some friends), I feel rejuvenated. I am avidly practicing for my RAVS surgery practical, which is going to be tough, but practicing suture techniques is only going to put me ahead, even if I don't pass the test.

While I am depressed that summer is half over, I have been able to go to the gym and have a small social life between 2 jobs now and things feel much better.

Last night I went to a great pilates class, followed with Zumba, which was more like salsa. I loved it! It strengthened my desire to learn how to salsa. I need to add that to the next 30 years list. I made the list before my 30th birthday to keep track of all I want to accomplish in my next 30 years. Matt and I also really want a boat and sooner rather than later. Perhaps in the next decade?

I also decided on Monday that I am very glad I am spending some time at the emergency clinic and time in lab medicine. It makes for good comparisons.

As for my current career plans, I think I want to practice in small animal medicine for 3-5 years and go from there. I can always switch but it makes for a solid foundation.

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