Friday, April 24, 2009

2 Classes Down and Finals Begin

Well respiratory medicine and musculoskeletal, two of the 3 credit classes are done. Next exam is anesthesiology on Friday, so we have some time to study, prepare, and finish up strong, I hope. Today was fun, but the last 24 hours were an emotional roller coaster.

It began yesterday at 2pm. I was in the library, focused and studying for my musculoskeletal final and then I got the email from Matt, "I can't telecommute Monday." I was heart broken since I hadn't seen him in 2 weeks and was looking forward to the extra time together. After that my focus was hazy and I was sad. Then in our last clin path lab, my teacher started crying telling us she'd miss us, and I started crying.

I fought through the disappointment and kept on studying. On this morning's exam, despite having studied for over a week for the exam, I still didn't know what was going on and had to guess on a number of questions. I hope that's not an omen for finals. The past few tests I have been studying and studying and then I am clueless on the exam.

After the test the day got brighter. My last class ended an hour early, I had a great meeting with my toxicology professor and met a friend for a picnic lunch in a tree by the Duck Pond on this beautiful day. We made our "next 30 Year's" list of things we hope to accomplish and played with her super fun dog, Diego.

Right as we were finishing my running buddy called to go for a run, perfect timing. We had a great run with her 2 dogs, then got back and did some online shopping, always fun. Then Matt met me at home and now here I am.

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