Sunday, April 19, 2009

Less the 1 month until second year is complete

People keep telling us we're on the home stretch, downhill slide. I feel like the next few weeks are an uphill battle through 1 more week of class and many final exams. The memory of last semester's final exams looms in my head like an ugly cloud. While I hope that these exams will go by quickly and I will be prepared, I cannot help but think that getting to May 13 could take forever.

On the bright side, my wildlife medicine class had a fantastic lab Saturday at the Wildlife Center of VA in Waynesboro. We practiced restraint, BCS and PE on different birds, toured the amazing facility, looked at bird/raptor radiographs, and practiced common bird bandaging techniques. I plan to go back for an externship 4th year and to shadow the vets for a day this summer.

So far second year has been more practical and I am starting to put things together and think like a doctor, but remembering all the differentials for each clinical sign for each of the species is still rusty. With each new concept that sticks in my brain, something definitely falls out.

For now we must keep trudging along and fight for our last summer break.

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Simmons said...

Hi there! I just found your blog and I quite literally could not have been happier. I am also a Pre-Vet student, though I'm taking the scenic route, much like you did. Believe it or not, I can draw a lot of parallels from my life from reading your blog and I honestly couldn't be more relieved (heck, we're even from the same neck of the woods - NOVA). I know your busy as the dickens, but if you wouldn't mind, I have a ton of questions and would love to pick your brain sometime. My email address is - please send me a quick email if you would be willing to be a sounding boarding for another "non-traditional" pre-vet student. Thanks for your time and hang in there - the semester is almost over!

Best of luck-

Erica S.