Monday, June 30, 2008

Back to the Grindstone

After a fairly relaxing weekend of hiking the AT and searching for a PBA-free water bottle, Monday was a rise and shine early day. Of course the day has not gone as planned. While treating my cells and late for a meeting, we realized I was out of stimulant. SO I hopefully have 2 sets of each cell type, but that is not clear. So, yes I will most likely be repeating again. Additionally my data from last week, was not consistent with previous trials. Ugh. Here I thought this would be my big push week and then it would be downhill. I suppose life is never like that. In the lab expect the unexpected no matter how much you planned. There are always things to forget or overlook. My PhD student mentor also let me organize my plates on my own, and I learned a lesson that I will not be repeating. The details are tedious, but my organization was not the most efficient in this case, also disappointing.

Here's hoping I get good results later this week. I will definitely be here late tonight!

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