Sunday, June 22, 2008

Matt's Birthday weekend

This weekend was a mini marathon. Saturday morning we ran the Run for the Rainforest 5K race in Arlington, VA. I finished in 30 minutes and 19s and Matt finished in 26 minutes. He was 18 shy of finishing in the top 100. The winners ran the 5K in 15 minutes, amazing! It was fun, great weather, great cause, and I walked only a small portion of it.

After the race and some coffee, we headed to Lansdale PA to visit one of Matt's college friends, who just completed his MBA. It was a good time, but also an additional 6 hours in the car:(

Sunday we awoke fairly early to run errands and go out to breakfast at my current favorite place, First Watch cafe ( Then, we headed to the Washington Nationals game, where we broiled in the sun. We had fun checking out the stadium, despite the Nationals 5-3 loss to the Texas Rangers.

It turned out to be a low key birthday for Matt, which is how he wanted it. My trip home, however, was horrible. It rained off and on, and the last hour I drove in the dark through sheets of rain. I was scared, could not see, and just prayed I'd get home safely. I was so thankful when I did get home after 4+ hours. I clearly was suppose to stay with Matt and the cats tonight. If I had thought about it beforehand I am sure I could have gone into work late, but I signed up to use our Real Time PCR machine in the morning and I need the data for my meeting with Dr. Li Tuesday so I was torn with what to do. Next Monday I may plan to drive in the am on Monday, I cannot do another horrid thunderstorm and well "tis the season!"

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