Monday, June 23, 2008

Working my way into my comfort zone

Today I had an intriguing conversation with a fellow PhD student. We got to the heart of why I am currently stressed and why vet school is perpetually stressful. The reason happens to stem from the same reason I left my prior career in business. The only way to grow as a person is to enter a place outside of your comfort zone. I was very comfortable in finance, in fact, I was bored because it was too comfortable and I did not have a vision of the future that excited me. As a result, I submerged myself in this completely uncomfortable world of veterinary medicine. While it can take a long time to work up the learning curve into a comfort zone, most people, myself included, need small successes to help deal with the stress and frustration thrust upon them while in this uncomfortable place.
This summer I am currently outside of my vet school comfort zone, as well. I have doubts regarding whether or not I can achieve my summer goals successfully. This is the root of my stress. The only way to work out of it is to do the best I can, stay positive, and manage it through exercise and other outlets (blogging).

This theory fits together well with vet school. The entire time most students are out of their comfort zone. The small successes are tests. There is always another test to take, therefore, continuous stress as the student works into a comfort zone.

The only true light at the end of this tunnel is to appreciate the small successes, knowing that someday in the future comfort may occur again, and right beside it could lie boredom.

Come on and bore me!

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