Thursday, January 22, 2009

School's Back, Am I?

I still want to be a veterinarian, I have absolutely no doubt. However, I cannot put my finger on why my motivation and typical new semester excitement has been lacking this week. The subjects are very interesting and many are more applied and clinically relevant than ever before. The thought of all the work that is required makes me tired just from thinking about it. Instead of viewing the semester as fresh and new, I keep thinking, "wow I will have a lot of outlines and review sheets to make." It could be related to me not being rested, or could it be the first sign of major burn out from the prior 3 semesters. I am not sure what the cause is, and while I have moments when I cannot wait to look some fact or concept up, for the most part my work the past few evenings has been just going through the motions.

Perhaps it's a form of "veterinary block", similar to writers block. It does not indicate you don't want to be an author/vet, but you have just hit a point where your inspiration and juices are not flowing properly. Everything feels very routine to me, and while many things in my life are positive, my veterinary inspiration is lacking. I am probably just fatigued, but I will continue to plow through and hope the motivational juices flow once more.

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