Monday, May 5, 2008

May 7th never felt so far away

Well I know it can and will be worse, but right now it's just plain horrible. 3 finals back to back is grueling and everyone is exhausted, and all we get to do is go home and study. I haven't even had enough time to work out the past 2 days, so more of my stress is building up. I feel like crying, laughing, sleeping, running, and laying down helplessly. These are some of the longest, frustrating 3 days of my life (that may be a slight exaggeration).

It will either be a relief or a horror to have anatomy done tomorrow (20% of the exam is cumulative and I remember nothing), but having to study for 1 last exam will be excruciatingly painful indeed. At least that is the comparatively easiest final for the least % of the final grade as a consolation.

May 7 feels out of reach and it's 2 hours away from May 6...

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