Thursday, May 29, 2008

PhD Student for the Summer

While the NIH Student Veterinary Research Program is suppose to teach vet students about a veterinary career in research, which it has, after my first official week in Dr. Liwu Li's Innate Immunity lab, I feel more like an overworked PhD student. The research project I am involved with, which I am still learning about, requires many Real-time PCR experiments. These are very tedious, require pipet precision ( I don't have), and have a multitude of steps. It is a miracle when the results come out correctly.

But each day I understand a little more, and I will surely benefit from this summer experience. Unfortunately, the vacation is over and my main focus is doing my best in the lab, no matter how many hours it requires.

Needless to say my summer projects may not stand a chance for a while, although I do need to dig out my immunology class notes from first semester.

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