Thursday, May 22, 2008

Too many options, not a long enough life

I emailed thank you notes to all the veterinarians who took time out of their schedules to meet with us. They all have opportunities for vet students to get involved, ranging from helping with organic fish labeling (a subject of personal interest), pig-human animal modeling at the USDA, FDA current issues, lab animal medicine at the NIH.

All of these opportunities excite me! I also want to get more clinical experience next summer! I feel excited, invigorated, and overwhelmed! Is there a way to dabble in it all until I figure out which way I should go?

I asked Dr. Bernadette Dunham, Director for the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the FDA, to be my mentor and she accepted. I hope she can help me to sort all of this energy out. I need some focus!

I am sure I am jumping the gun, but it's hard when so many issues are close to the heart, challenging, and can pave an exciting career. Ahh the opposite of finance...

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